Simple and Elegant

The upstairs bedroom at The Stone House is a spacious and comfortable room, located on the second floor of the house and has a nice view overlooking the garden.

The bedroom is decorated in a classic style with white walls, dark wood furniture, and a comfy bed, made up with soft linens and fluffy pillows, and there is a plush rug on the floor. The bed is flanked by two nightstands, each with a lamp and a reading light.

Everything you need for a peaceful and serene retreat.

The Master The Upstairs Bathroom

The Upstairs Bathroom is classic and elegant. It’s decorated with white marble tile floors, white walls, and golden chrome fixtures.

The bathtub is the focal point of the room. The tub is also equipped with a built-in shower head.

Furthermore, the bathroom is equipped with all the necessary toiletries for a complete stay.

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